Welcome to Craigwiel Gardens

We are pleased to welcome our new CEO, Mr Wayne Williams.  Please see our December Newsletter for more information.

We are also incredibly excited to let you know that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has approved a new license for our Long Term Care Home meaning we can now move forward with redevelopment.

Craigwiel Gardens is a faith-based organization providing both Long-Term Care and Community Support Services to meet the needs of the Seniors of North Middlesex and area.  We are located in the Municipality of North Middlesex in the beautiful Community of Ailsa Craig.

Our Mission

We are a community committed to providing residential and community services that enhance the lives and potential of each person we engage.

Our Vision

People ● Community ● Quality of Life

Our PhilosophyGarden

Founded by the Nairn Mennonite Church to demonstrate Christian values in action, we embrace people of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds.  We believe:

In respecting the dignity and value of all people based on their individual needs and perspectives through person-centred care.

In the importance of continuously developing innovative, health and motivated staff teams committed to excellence in service and positive outcomes for all the people served.

In being an active and contributing member of our community through partnerships, engagement and citizenship.

In being outstanding stewards of the financial resources provided to us, our responsibilities to the people served, and to act with integrity in all that we do.

To find out how to get to Craigwiel Gardens, click here.